Spotted this tall robot in QFC that was casually taking inventory

I’ve been seeing this new dentist for last six months. We had to schedule a few deep cleanings as she felt that one session would be too long. I agreed, despite the inconvenience of scheduling and remembering multiple visits. In the first visit, I happened to share with her about my interest in running and… Read Article →

Recently, we had the need to clean up our garden. I was not able to maintain it during the Winter months. I called a few landscape companies and got quotations. Then I turned to TaskRabbit, a platform that I use often. I found Mario for a reasonable price and excellent descriptive reviews. His reviews convinced… Read Article →

The corona virus (COVID-19) is front page news across the world. Originating in Wuhan, it has now caused quite a havoc in the globe. Thousands of folks in Wuhan province are dead and less than a hundred rest of the planet. China seems to have effectively shut down and has undertaken extreme quarantine in Hubei… Read Article →

The family made a trip to Maui in December 2019. I did not actively make any plans for activities except research the Bike down Haleakala adventure. After a botched reservation for a room with a kitchenette, we settled to enjoy the Grand Wailea. It’s a huge resort with a nice beach. We did not rent… Read Article →

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